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Why Ingredients Matter So Much


There is one crucial thing that separates a real restaurant from a pretender. It’s the ingredients. The experience and aesthetic can elevate any dinner experience, bringing people back to the basics.

That’s what fresh/farm-to-table is really about. At The 1906 Bistro-Bar, it’s our intention behind every meal: to let our fresh & exceptional ingredients star in every dish. But why do ingredients matter so much? There are many reasons why buying local & fresh ingredients is the most important part of every recipe.

You can taste the difference.

Eating a meal used to be a utilitarian action, because food means fuel. But it’s so much more than that. It’s as much of a sensory experience as watching a play or listening to music. The quality of the ingredients is what can take a salad from boring and unappetizing to inspired and crave-worthy.

We select and utilize only the freshest ingredients for each of our dishes. It makes meat more juicy, vegetables more vibrant, and sauces more flavorful. When you have great ingredients, you don’t need to overcompensate. We want to let our food shine.

It supports local small farmers.

When you purchase from small farms and try to get as much as possible locally, you’re supporting those practices with your dollars. Without consumer support, we would be left with only monolithic agriculture and subpar ingredients. This is the ultimate way to put your money where your mouth is.

It’s better for our bodies.

We can all agree that eating fresh, farm-to-table is better for farmers and for our taste buds. But it’s also better for our bodies. In massive agriculture practices, food is often sprayed with chemicals and animals are given hormones to keep up with heavy demand.

It’s also harvested before it’s ripe so that it travels better. That means you’re losing nutrients and you’re also consuming those chemicals and hormones. Small farms don’t need to worry about global demand concerns like this.

It’s better for the planet.

Farm-to-table is better for the planet because the emphasis is on local sourcing. Massive shipments aren’t being made across state and country lines, meaning less use of planes and trucks that negatively affect the environment. Those chemicals also won’t have a chance to make it into our soil and waterways, degrading the natural environment.

These are just a few reasons why fresh; farm-to-table doesn’t just taste good: it is good! Come experience fresh ingredients with us every day at The 1906 Bistro-Bar. We’d love to serve you!

And also, your taste buds will thank you for visiting The 1906 Bistro-Bar, one of Mountain View County’s best restaurants. We’re right on historic Main Street in Didsbury.

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