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About the Chef
Theo Springer

Hello, I am Theo Springer. Originally from Germany where I grew up in my parents’ restaurant and received classic Chef training at the Castle Resort “Schloss Weitenburg”. As a young journeyman, I worked in numerous countries in Europe and abroad to further my knowledge in the kitchen, collect recipes and experience different cultures. After 5 years of doing that, I came to Canada and landed in Banff where I was hired as the Chef for an exclusive Northern Italian-themed Restaurant. I enjoyed my time there very much but after 6 years, and no more opportunity to grow, it was time to move on and venture out on my own. After opening, operating, and then selling a successful Deli in Canmore I met my wife Susan and moved to Calgary in early 2000 and we started off as a family. In 2017 we bought a boutique in Didsbury, Fashions on Main, and after four years of listening to our customers, on a daily basis --- asking about where in Didsbury can we go for a nice lunch or dinner, a nice glass of wine, a coffee and pastry… we decided to open this much-needed place for people to go to and do exactly that. The opportunity for the right location came up suddenly, we pounced on it, and after a long, extensive renovation of this great historic building on Main street in Didsbury --- here I am, we are. 

The 1906 Bistro – Bar is a place to enjoy interesting, and different fresh food in a relaxed atmosphere. A place to gather and socialize or just be.

Our commitment to our customers is to provide excellence in all aspects: Food, Beverages and Service.

We are excited about where this journey will take us in the coming years, and we are looking forward to welcoming and serving customers from our community and beyond.

In front of our restaurant in Germany 3.png
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